Are you in Manufacturing and/or Distribution?

If you are, we don't need to tell you how competitive your industry has become.  Chances are that as we speak, your competitors are thinking hard how to become more efficient and steal your market.

How to become more efficient in your industry

Of course, the quality of your people, products, designs and processes are all extremely important.  What makes them run in unison is business software.  COVID-19 has reinforced in our minds how important software is for business productivity, efficiency, scalability and profitability.

Wouldn't a standard ERP be enough to achieve best in class efficiency?

Perhaps.  We wouldn't want to pre-empt an answer without showing you in detail how a specialized software can make your operations more efficient than a sandard ERP can. We encourage you to look in detail.  But at the onset, would you be satisfied not to look into specialized software knowing your competitors are using one on top of a  standard ERP?

Cavallo is that kind of software

Cavalo software are not a standard ERP.  It is what the Gartner Group refers to as an Operational ERP.  It actually merges with a back end standard ERP (from Microsoft or Sage) to implement a best-in-class distribution and manufacturing environment that works seamleslly with your ERP.

We refer to it as Super Charging your ERP.


Unlock Your Dynamics GP Information

Give your CSRs a boost! SalesPad Boost provides easy access and visibility into information that was previously challenging for Microsoft Dynamics GP users to pin down. Many distributors are trying to run lean these days, and Boost makes that possible—for free. There are no strings attached here—this is our offering to help distributors facing efficiency challenges. When time is precious, instant access to this information helps CSRs increase productivity by reducing those annoying but inherent Microsoft Dynamics GP system constraints.

Curious to know what Cavallo can do for your business?

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