Is your business currently running on Microsoft Dynamics GP?

we have good news for you

Dynamics GP is now part of the Microsoft Modern Lifecycle Policy, which Microsoft applies to all its strategic products.  Consequently, there is no end of life currently contemplated for Dynamics GP.  Microsoft will be maintaining, enhancing and supporting Dynamics GP for as long as its other strategic products.

more good news

With 20 years unparalleled experience in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Computel will stand by your business indefinitely for as long as you wish to continue using and upgrading your Dynamics GP ERP. 

We can also of course help you modernize your Microsoft Dynamics GP instead of replacing it. We will do that using a strategy that the Gartner Group refers to as ‘Postmodern ERP’.

what makes microsoft dynamics GP so special?

1. Scalability

Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of the very few ERP's with mid-level pricing that can scale up to high-level performance.  As we speak, major organizations around the world are relying on Microsoft Dynamics GP to run their businesses.  Organizations with more than 1,000 concurrent users, billions of dollars in revenues, and complex interrelated processes.  Once Microsoft Dynamics GP is properly configured, it is a workhorse, capable of processing millions of transactions per day with no error.

In a benchmark run by Microsoft even on an earlier release, Dynamics GP was able to complete 3.2 million transactions (12 million lines) for 500 concurrent users in 8 hours.

A typical GP customer success story

WASH maintains half a million washers and dryers in 75,000 locations across the United States and Canada. Five million people do their laundry every week in WASH laundry rooms. The company uses Microsoft solutions on top of Microsoft Dynamics GP to measure company performance and drive productivity.

2. Functionality

Microsoft Dynamics GP is known in the industry to have one of the strongest core financial and operational business management capabilities among all ERP’s.  Its large customer base and open architecture have also been a strong magnet for the last 25 years attracting Independent Software Vendors to develop a large library of horizontal and vertical applications that integrate into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

3. Control

The majority of Microsoft Dynamics GP customers have largely exploited the open architecture of the product and ended up with several layers of customizations and integrations that transformed the generic ERP into a very custom made ERP, highly optimized for their specific businesses.  This kind of openness that leads to such control is hard to achieve with modern, cloud oriented ERP's.

4. Knowledge Base

Perhaps the most notable attribute of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the wealth of knowledge and experience available worldwide to help customers implement, support and extend the product.  The GP User Group is one of the most vibrant and active user groups in the industry, with a large number of brilliant minds generously offering their knowhow and support to new users.

If you are considering Microsoft Dynamics GP as your next ERP, talk to us. We will help you assess your specific needs and if applicable enhance your decision by suggesting a Postmodern ERP strategy along with Dynamics GP.

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