Computel Group et Gorilla Expense forment un partenariat stratégique

Écrit par Rhea Rahme

Computel Group is happy to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Gorilla Expense aimed at setting a new standard for our clients ERPs. This partnership will enhance the functionality of our client’s ERPs and increase the efficiency of their operations, specifically expense management. 

Computel’s clients have traditional ERPs from Microsoft that do not include expense management. In fact, this important area has often been neglected by ERP developers. As a result, companies were forced to manually track their expenses with the additional labor-intensive burden of gathering paper receipts, submitting them to accounting for re-entry into the ERP, all taking so much time that management no longer has any immediate visibility or control over the process. 

Gorilla Expense adds value by making expense management easy with the fastest and most accurate scan engine and a very intuitive and user-friendly platform. Their system completely automates expense management by automatically flagging duplicate receipts, incorrect receipts and expense policy violations. 

Computel Group has been serving our client’s businesses by helping them automate their finance and operations, from accounting through to procurement, warehousing, distribution and manufacturing activities. Gorilla Expense’s dedication to make expense management easy and automatic will allow us to offer the most value to our clients and allow them to focus their resources on value-creating activities. 

This partnership will allow Computel’s customers to leverage their investments in the ERP and extend it seamlessly to track all the employee travel and business expenses more accurately and efficiently. 

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