If your organization does not fit exactly the criteria described under the 'Ad hoc consulting services', then you need a real partner.

A partner who is not only there when you need technical or functional support, but also a partner who will do all the following services, without each one becoming a separetly charged and scoped project

Help you implement your chosen ERP at a fixed price

Help optimize your ERP usage

Suggest enhancements to your functional and operational processes

Customize your ERP when required to satisfy your changing requirements

Computel will stand by you as you are constantly tuning your organization to not only fend off competitors from your market but also leapfrog your competition with your experience and constant innovation.

With this kind of service, we are not your family doctor but your business solutions partner.
Wassim Rahme
Consulting Manager

We have several models but none is non-customizable to your needs.  We have fixed price agreements in place, starting at $1,000 and others in the several hundreds of thousands. Get a free quote today and we will assess your business’ needs. 

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