This service is targeted to organizations who are using one of Microsoft's ERP's but are not happy with the relationship they have with their Microsoft Partner.

If you qualify your organization as a small to medium sized company, chances are you're paying too much and getting too little from your traditional partner.

In the last year alone, seven customers decided to switch from their existing partner to Computel.  The reason cited most often is cost. Other reasons include ‘arrogance’, ‘too big to focus on us’, ‘timesheet production machine’.  But they all point to the bottom line, i.e. cost of getting the support you need, not only when you have a problem, but also when you realize that your partner is focusing more on their business than on yours.

This service does not carry any cost.  It just links your Microsoft account with Computel’s Microsoft account so that we can assist you on licensing and pricing issues, but also makes us default partners to help your organization optimize your investments in your Microsoft Business Solutions. 


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