Written by Rhea Rahme

Computel Group has entered into a partnership with DATABASICS, a top time and expense management platform. Databasics is a leader in Time and Expense solutions for midsize organizations, a market that Computel has been serving for more than four decades. 

Databasics Time and Expense solution will help Computel’s customers achieve higher efficiency and productivity through a centralized view of project and non-project time and expense.  For instance, users will automatically receive notifications of incomplete timesheets, missing approvals, unapplied credit charges and more.  Managers will enforce the organization’s policies with the data and oversight needed to monitor activity and detailed audit trails. 

CEO’s will be able to make better decisions thanks to a real-time, 360-degree view of projects, expenses and labor in one system.  Budgets will be tracked accurately and the system will automate the distribution of analytics and reporting so managers don’t miss a beat. 

Finally, because customers’ ERP’s are the central repository for all organizational data, Databasics does a superb job of integration with the widest variety of ERP’s and CRM’s including salesforce, Infor, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Oracle and SAP, to provide our customers the widest possible choice. 

“This partnership will give Computel’s customers additional options to expand their ERP utilization and increase their efficiency in tracking and managing all the employee project, travel and business expenses”
Wassim Rahme
Consulting Manager

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