How small to medium businesses are being overcharged for their ERP

Many business owners are not aware that they are, more often than not, overpaying for their ERP implementation. 

A customized business solution can significantly improve a business’ performance and productivity  and, if done right, can pay for itself within the first year of implementation. However, small to medium business owners are often being overcharged and end up overpaying for this service. You might be wondering how and why this happens. Keep reading as we shed some light about the consulting industry.

ERP software has made substantial progress in the last few years.  They are more agile, faster to implement and easy to integrate with the other components of our modern digital environment.  It is likely that you will find ERP software at the right price point to make it affordable and a good investment for the growth of your business.

What may end up overshadowing the affordability of the ERP software are the costs of the outside services or in house resources to implement the required business solution. 

The consulting market has not made the same significant cost efficiency adjustments as the software.  Actually, the cost versus quality dynamics of the consulting services market work exactly in the opposite direction of those of the software market. 

The more licenses are sold, the more resources are invested in making the software better and less expensive.  On the other hand, the more work we the consulting firms have, the more people we have to employ, the less attention our senior people can dedicate to smaller customers, and the more time (i.e. expense) it will cost

So what’s the solution?

If you are a small to medium sized customer, just meet your consulting team before you embark on a time & materials project. Make sure the consultants explain all the options you have to allow you to make an informed decision. 

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