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Postmodern ERP: Term coined by Gartner in 2014
Postmodern ERP is “a technology strategy that automates and links administrative and operational business capabilities (such as finance, HR, purchasing, manufacturing and distribution) with appropriate levels of integration that balance the benefits of vendor-delivered integration against business flexibility and agility.”


What does a Postmodern ERP approach look like?

“In the postmodern ERP world, the legacy ERP suite is deconstructed into a more [loose] set of integrated business functions. The pieces make up the whole, rather than the whole (or suite) comprising the pieces.”
Thomas Sprol, senior director at PRO Unlimited




Postmodern ERP Life Cycle

“Successful execution of a postmodern ERP strategy requires a life cycle approach that extends far beyond the initial implementation to a whole series of follow-on projects”
Denise Ganly
Gartner Research Director


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What you get from a Postmodern ERP vendor


What a single install includes



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